Mooring Winch

As an important mooring equipment, mooring winch is used during mooring or loading and unloading operations to hold or keep a ship in position on dock without drifting; at the meantime, it can adjust and compensate for the deviation caused by vibration with constant tension, which plays a very important role in ship mooring and allows the operators to position and secures the ship carefully when it comes into port and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Mooring equipment is applied for restraining and releasing mooring rope, including mooring windlass and capstan, but capstan is not often used for large-scale ships mooring because its rated loading capacity is relatively small compared with electric and hydraulic mooring winches. The winch has the drum around which operators can wrap rope, cable or chain depending on the type of ships.

Mooring Winches Can Be Sorted in Terms of the Following Ways

  1. According to control mode, automatic and manual winches are optional; manual mooring winch is not often used nowadays especially on large boats since it requires much man power, and it’s not as powerful as other winches;
  2. According to drive mode, there are steam mooring winch, hydraulic mooring winch, electric mooring winch and diesel mooring winch; usually hydraulic winches have larger rated capacity than electric winches and the former is adopted on large ships more often than the latter; sometimes, the mooring winch can also have combined power to drive the winch during mooring operations;
  3. According to quantity of mooring drum connected with each drive device, the winch can have one, two or more drums, that is to say, there are single drum mooring winch, double drum mooring winch and multiple drum mooring winch; the drums can be divided or integral on the winch; mooring windlass with different number of drums have different rope capacities and rated capacities, the windlass will be produced according to customers’ needs;
  4. According to brake type and braking action mode, there are belt type, disc type, mechanical spiral and spring action type.
Different kinds of mooring winches
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Things to Be Known about Mooring Winches

Mooring process is very important for boats or ships and it matters a lot to choose a high quality mooring winch for the mooring operations. When you plan to buy mooring winch for your ship, you should know well about your ship, including its shape, weight and dimension, which is necessary when you choose the suitable winch for the ship.

To make sure the safe and effective operation of the mooring windlass, it is necessary to pay much attention to the following things: the foundation of the winch should be carefully checked to make sure it is in good and stable condition; the winch drum, wire or rope, brake, and other parts should be thoroughly inspected before mooring, if there is anything wrong, the mooring process should not be performed before the problem is solved; checks on winch wire or ropes should be performed regularly to ensure they are in good condition all the time;  the mooring line should be correctly and orderly reeled on the winch drum without twisting; people should operate the mooring winch for ships properly according to operation manual and guidelines.

Sinma Mooring Winch for Sale

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Sinma company designs and manufactures these different kinds of mooring winches in accordance with customers’ demand. We have electric, hydraulic and diesel engine drive mooring winches. In order to provide you with detailed information and help you select suitable winch, we need to know the following information as you require: the rated load or pull, single drum or double drum, drum rope capacity (including rope length and diameter), speed, if rope spooling device is needed, electric, hydraulic or diesel engine drive, etc.

Speaking of mooring ways, there are wharf mooring, ship to ship mooring, single point mooring and multi-buoy mooring. When you moor a vessel, mooring equipment is necessary and it must resist many external factors, such as wind, wave, flow, tide and draft changes. Windlass mooring winch has a variety of functions: fix one end of mooring rope on the ship; adjust rope length to adapt to the port mooring mode and compensate for draft and tide changes; store mooring rope and act as security device, once the force on the rope approaches to breaking force, it can control the marine winch to release the load on the rope, which ensures the safe mooring a ship.

For more details about mooring winch for ships, you can just visit Sinma marine winch website and you will be warmly welcomed to ask questions or leave messages to us by means of our contacts. Except for mooring winches, we also provide other kinds of marine winches, towing winch, anchor winch, cable pulling winch, capstan and so on. To get mooring windlass quotation, you just need to send inquiry to us.

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Technical Parameter of Mooring Winch
Model Rated pull(KN) Rated speed(m/min) Drum capacity(mmxm) Braking force(KN) Motor power(KW) Dimensions(mm) Weight(Ton)
EL-20 20 12 15×200 60 11 1800x1150x1825 2.5
EL-30 30 12 16×200 90 15 1950x1200x1900 3
EL-50 50 12 22×220 150 22 2050x1200x2000 3.5
EL-80 80 12 28×220 240 37 2175x1250x2100 4
EL-100 100 12 30×220 300 45 2320x1285x2175 5
EL-125 125 12 32×220 375 55 2385x1325x2250 5.5
EL-150 150 12 36×220 450 75 2500x1465x2400 6
EL-200 200 10 39.5×350 600 75 2600x1670x2625 9
EL-250 250 10 43×450 750 90 2850x1800x2900 12.5
EL-320 320 8 47×550 960 90 3050x1975x3100 18
EL-400 400 8 52×600 1000 110 3375x2050x3400 22
EL-500 500 9 56×600 750 180 4750x2800x3850 25

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