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 Maintenance and Support

You need maximum fuel efficiency, minimum operating costs and higher machine quality. SINMA helps to enhance performance in every single operation step. Control your costs and minimize your risks with SINMA@ equipment protection plans.

Equipment Protection Plans

You hope to promote the working efficiency with high-performance machines. If you are the same with other owners, you must be the risk-management expert. Because you deeply know, the unexpected maintenance means to block the cash flow.

The original Warranty Certificate from SINMA will provide smooth operation, because your machine is manufactured for more years of productivity. Fortunately, you can control your extra-repair costs from SINMA equipment protection plan.

Three levels of protection are available: Structure, power train with hydraulics devices and the most comprehensive coverage option, Premier*. You can further tailor these plans to your specific needs by selecting from a wide variety of years/hours combinations.

When the machine is out of warrant time, SINMA® Equipment Protection Plans help you get the most out of your new, used and rebuilt machines:

1. Measure your costs

2. Maximize your productivity

3. Get the expertise you need

4. Focus on safety

5. Keep pace with regulations

6. Equipment Protection Plans are available for many SINMA products, including:

New and used equipments certified Rebuild products and certified powertrain rebuild products.

SOISM Services

SINMA equipment owners need SOI services because unplanned repairs, early replacement and costly downtime shall be avoided.

Fluid analysis is a key process to maintain the proper operation.  Implementing SINMA’s SOI Services into your Condition Monitoring Plan will: Reduce costs; Limit down time; Improve productivity 

SINMA offers efficient and innovative ways to obtain better performance as soon as samples are processed in the lab. Our trained personnel will:

1. Provide recommendations based on your sample results.

2. Help you take action to avoid catastrophic failures or downtime.

3. Help you provide maximum protection using SOI Oil Analysis and SOI Coolant

Analysis for all your oil lubricated systems.  

Equipment Management Solutions

Your SINMA can help you maintain inner value through Agreements of Customer Support Agreements (ACS) and Condition Monitoring.

Your SINMA® equipment is built for excellent performance, efficiency and productivity. With SINMA Equipment Management Solutions we can help to maximize this built-in value - by providing the level of support your business needs from specialist SINMA technicians and facilities.

1. Agreements of Customer Support

2. Make great business sense, enabling you to control costs, plan ahead with confidence and capitalise on your investment.

3. With a SINMAACS servicing, maintenance and repairs are performed by highly skilled, SINMA trained professionals familiar with all aspects of SINMA equipment. They are highly mobile, equipped with a wide range of exclusive SINMA tools, software and technology