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Anchor Handling Towing Winch

Anchor Handling Towing Winch

According to customers' requirement, we can offer anchor handling and towing winches, single and multiple drums in line and drums in waterfall configurations. The electric, hydraulic and diesel driven anchor handling towing winches can be built with pull force up to 400 tons. In order to meet all specific requirements, the design and construction has been in close consultation with the vessel's designer and owner. This is also quite beneficial to provide safe services of anchor handling and towing winch. With sturdy design of structure and a conservative hydraulic drive system, anchor handling towing winch can ensure its reliability and safety. If needed, the system can also be driven by diesel-hydraulic system or electrical drives. Besides, equipped with an emergency release system, this winch can remain running even during dead ship conditions. The anchor handling and towing winch can also be fixed with gypsy to handle the size of user-specified rig chain. According to customers' requirements, we can provide monitoring and control system with graphic and numeric display of wire length and tension.

Features of Anchor Handling Towing Winch:
1. There is a hydraulic drive.
2. Anchor handling towing winch adopts double drums in waterfall and spooling device for upper drum.
3. This anchor handling and towing winch has a steel wire rope.
4. Rated pull can reach 250 tonnes for the 1st layer.
5. Brake holding can reach 200 tonnes for the first layer.
6. The anchor handling towing winch owns a spring loaded brake, hydraulically released for brake holding of 400 tonnes.
7. For control, we provide local control for maintenance and remote control for operation.
8. The color can be decided as your specifications.
9. Length and tension monitoring systems are optional.

Specifications of Anchor Handling and Towing Winch:

Model Line Pull 1st Layer Drum Capacity Braking Capacity
TW-50 50 Tonnes 800m 44mm wire 100 Tonnes
TW-75 75 Tonnes 800m 50mm wire 150 Tonnes
TW-100 100 Tonnes 1000m 54mm wire 180 Tonnes
TW-125 125 Tonnes 1000m 56mm wire 180 Tonnes
TW-150 150 Tonnes 1000m 58mm wire 225 Tonnes
TW-200 200 Tonnes 1250m 65mm wire 250 Tonnes

Jiangsu Sinma Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of anchor handling towing winches in China. We also produce anchor mooring systems, tugger winch, capstan, special purpose winch, shark jaw and towing pins, etc. Our products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia and America, such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, India, the United States, Canada, etc.

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