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Mooring Winch

Mooring Winch

A mooring winch is a part of anchor mooring systems used during mooring operations to hold a boat in place at a pier or similar fixture. A mooring winch is operated in a number of ways and fixed in place on the deck of a ship in key positions. Sailors must position and secure the ship carefully when it comes into port. When they are not in operation, they may be covered to limit exposure to the elements and reduce the risk of injuries. Configurations of mooring winches' layouts can vary at both the bow and stern of the ship to attach key lines. These keep the ship from moving forward or back and secure it to the dock.

Features of Mooring Winch:
1. There is a reliable and efficient control of all electric and hydraulic trawl mooring winches.
2. As a part of anchor mooring systems, mooring winch can provide sensors for tension and length measurement.
3. Various sensor configurations are available:
1) Tension measurement
A. Load cell in fairlead
B. Load cell in deflector sheave
C. Load cell in winch foundation
D. Load cell in winch brake
E. Hydraulic pressure
F. Electric motor current
2) Length measurement
A. Encoder or pickup on fairlead
B. Encoder or Pickup on deflector sheave
C. Encoder or pickup on winch drum

Applications of Mooring Winches:
Auto wire spooling system can ensure excellent wire spooling of extremely long wires. There is no need to define minimum distance between the winch and the first wire sheave. Dynamic braking can facilitate high load or high speed. It includes auto variable speed control, wire spooling and guide systems, grooved drums, emergency release function, gravity lowering, emergency hoisting function, etc. Monitoring and control system can display the wire length and tension graphically and numerically. They are available for 4 points mooring, 6 points, 8 points, 10 points and 12 points anchor mooring systems. Alarms on overload will spread rapidly if an anchor slips.

Main Specifications of Mooring Winch:

Model No. Drum Capacity(SWR)(mxmm) Brake Holding(T) Rate Pull (Txm/min) Slack Speed(Txm/min) Power(Kw)
MW/SD-20/48  500Xφ28 48 20×10 3.5×45 60
MW/SD-25/60  500Xφ 32 60 25×10 6.0×35 75
 1000X φ32
MW/SD-32/76  1000X φ38 76 32×10 8.0×34 90
MW/SD-40/96  1000X φ38 96 40×10 10.0×31 110
 1200X φ44
MW/SD-50/120  1200X φ48 120 50×8 12.0×28 110
MW/SD-60/140  1500X φ52 140 60×8 14.0×31 150
MW/SD-75/180  1500X φ60 180 75×8 17.0×31 180
MW/SD-85/200  1500X φ63 200 85×8 20.0×30 220

Jiangsu Sinma Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mooring winches in China. In addition to this, anchor mooring systems also include sheave blocks. Our products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia and America, such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, India, the United States, Canada, etc.

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