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Shark Jaw And Towing Pin

Shark Jaw And Towing Pin

Shark jaw and towing pin have many standard features, such as raising or lowering heavy duty marine grade hydraulic cylinders, remotely controlled operations, etc. When shark jaws are raised, there is no load on the hydraulic cylinders and emergency release system. Jaw inserts are replaceable for different chain sizes and third party certification. Our company has already got the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), LR (Lloyd's Register) and other certifications. We have 100MT, 200MT, 300MT models of shark jaw and towing pins. The maximum chain is 76 mm, while the wire is 120 mm. This marine equipment adopts hydraulic drive. The color can be decided by your specifications.


Specifications of Shark Jaw and Towing Pin:

Shark Jaw
Model Bollard Pull (Tonnes) Holding Capacity (Tonnes) Power Pack Model
100MTSJ 40 100 EPP-5.5
200MTSJ 55 200 EPP-11
300MTSJ 70 300 EPP-18.5
350MTSJ 90 350 EPP-18.5
500MTSJ 120 500 EPP-22
750MTSJ 200 750 EPP-22
Towing Pin
Model Bollard Pull (Tonnes) Holding Capacity (Tonnes) Power Pack Model
100MTTP 40 100 EPP-5.5
200MTTP 55 200 EPP-11
300MTTP 70 300 EPP-18.5
350MTTP 90 350 EPP-18.5
500MTTP 120 500 EPP-22
750MTTP 200 750 EPP-22

Jiangsu Sinma Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of shark jaw and towing pin in China. In addition to this marine equipment, we also produce lifting sheaves and sliding sheave block, crane and A-frame, anchor mooring systems, anchor handling towing winch, etc. Our products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia and America, such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, India, the United States, Canada, etc.

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