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Swivel Fairlead

Swivel Fairlead

Swivel fairlead is also called swivel fairleader. Swivel fairlead is a kind of marine swivel anchor fairlead in sheave blocks. It is designed for breaking strength of wire with 90°warp on sheave and more or less 90°rotation of swivel head. With sealed grease lubricated tapered roller bearings, swivel fairleads can harden rope grooves for longer life. It is often used to guide a line, cable or sheet with minimal friction. Swivel fairleader can be used for anchor lines and rigging on sailing ships. Marine swivel anchor fairlead is installed in the ship deck. Guide rope device can be used for ship berthing. Swivel fairleads are also used for engineering ship, tug and oil platform, drilling ship and other kinds of ship mooring and positioning. Our packaging is seaworthy and we will deliver products within 30 days.

Specifications of Swivel Fairleader:
1. Wire Rope Size: 28mm to 76mm
2. Sheave: single or double sheaves
3. Breaking Strength: 32-200MT at 90° warp on sheave and ±90° rotation of swivel head
4. Paint: as your specifications
5. Optional Features:
1) Multiple sheaves
2) Load monitoring system
3) Bolt or welded base
4) Special sheaves for high performance synthetic ropes
5) Produce according to customers' drawings

Jiangsu Sinma Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of swivel fairleads in China. In addition to this marine swivel fairleader, we also produce horizontal sheave, vertical sheave and floating sheave. Our products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia and America, such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, India, the United States, Canada, etc.

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